Society for Urban Ecology 2nd world international congress 2016, Shanghai, China

Since 2013 I belong to the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE).  I am regularly attending SURE’s international conferences and meetings. SURE has been a wonderful interdisciplinary platform for exchanging scientific work in a friendly and constructive environment. Urban ecology has become the core of my research and disciplinary home, and SURE a wonderful host. In SURE I found the core group of scientist and friends I am regularly collaborating with.

In July 2016 took place the 2nd world international SURE congress in Shanghai, China. I was session convener of 2 symposiums: 1) From urban sprawl to compact green cities, organized with Martina Artmann and Peilei Fan and; 2) The metabolism of the urban ecosystems, organized with Nancy Golubiewski. Session’s attendance and discussion were great and fruitful. From the session on sprawl we are preparing a Special Issue in Ecological Indicators to be publish soon.

Dr. Steward T.A. Pickett gave a wonderful keynote at the conference

The metabolism session had a wonderful keynote given by prof. Stefan Norra, on the contributions of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, from the biosphere to the noosphere. Simply fascinating.

My two wonderful Latin American friends, Anna Faggi and Henry Garay
With the SURE team! Dr. Ana Faggi, Prof. Jurgen Breuste (SURE’s president), Dr. Salman Qureshi, Dr. Martina Artmann, Prof. Cristian Ioja and Dr. Henry Garay
My nice friend Martina Artmann

I am already looking forward the next conference in 2020 in Poznan!

Mio caro amico Daniele La Rosa