About me

I am a passionate researcher. Research for me is a way of life, a way to understand our place in a complex reality. It is also a way to express love to the things I care about. My fundamental question is about man in nature, the interlinked, entangled and dialectical relationship we have with everything else. This is both a philosophical and a scientific question, to me science is philosophy and philosophy is science in a very Ionian manner. From this departure point arises the question about urbanisation, as a fundamental planetary process that is profoundly changing this relationship. I am unveiling complex interconnections, metabolic relationships with land use land cover change, urban heat islands, informality, ecosystem services among other topics. I try to pursue a holistic, transdisciplinary research approach. I understand science as one large human enterprise, rather than strictly sticking to traditional disciplinary boundaries. I focus on connections, relationships, rather than on (arbitrary) distinctions; to me (like for Ionians) everything is connected to everything else. My cross-cutting approach is spatially explicit focusing on the metabolism of socio-ecological systems. I integrate advanced quantitative analysis, remote sensing and GIS to understand the underlying processes giving rise to the particular spatial structure of socio-ecological systems and its links to ecological and economic functions, from local to global scales. I pay strong attention to conceptual aspects.

I have working experience across Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. I enjoy doing editorial work as well. I am Associate Editor of ECOSYSTEM SERVICES, SPRINGER Book Series Editor, Landscape and Spatial Planning Perspectives and editorial board member of Landscape and Urban Planning.

Currently, I am an executive committee member of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), a member of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE), a member of the European Land-use Institute (ELI), and a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

I’m vegetarian by taste rather than reason although I recognize the environmental, nutritional and ethical advantages of a plant-based diet. I love roller and snowboarding, while I bike less than I would like to. Reading printed books is one of my passions. The books with dedicatory that I treasure are maybe the only fetishism that I allow to myself. My daily life is linguistically complicated, unfolding in four different languages (English, Spanish, Czech and German) with uncertain outcomes at times. I do come from South America, from Chile, but I lived for so long abroad that at times is difficult to find the remains of the Chilean person between the central European culture that expresses through me in unexpected and even surprising ways. Man is a highly adaptive species, that is something that I am experiencing on my skin.