I have proposed the technomass as an indicator to understand the metabolic behavior of urban ecosystems. The principle is quite simple: all ecosystems they have a material behavior, in terms of matter accumulation. In many ecosystems like forest, marine, agriculture and the like…

Dynamics of Urbanization and Ecosystem Services in Latin America

I have recently received a grant from the Chilean Ministry of Science and Technology (CONICYT) to develop a 3 years research project on urbanization, ecosystem services, and nature-based solutions.

Informal Urban Development

Informality was for long in my research topic list. Finally, during 2016 I started to produce findings.

Urban Heat Island

I started to work on urban heat islands (UHI) as a natural consequence of researching on Climate Change (CC) and urban development. In fact, UHIs are maybe the most common and worldwide spread effect of urbanization. Cities are dissipative structures… 

Urban Metabolism

Metabolism is the core of my research. As a transdisciplinary and cross-cutting concept links in a coherent manner all different topics I am researching. From practical remote sensing and GIS applications to informality, sprawl, and urbanization, metabolism involves everything…

Urban Sprawl

Cities develop according to demographic and economic changes. In Latin America, fast-growing metropolitan areas are subject to very diverse and complex urban sprawl and fragmentation scenarios.