As a result of the RegioResources conference held in Lugo, Spain in October 2017 we have four exciting articles recently published in CASES. These articles belong to a Special Issue managed by Dr. Emilio Diaz, professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Thank you very much, Emilio, for this beautiful work!

Mapping landscape units in Galicia (Spain): A first step for assessment and management?
Eduardo Corbelle-Rico / José María Tubío Sánchez

Sustainable landscape management based on cultural ecosystem services
Igone Palacios-Agundez / Lorena Peña / Ibone Ametzaga-Arregi / Gloria Rodríguez-Loinaz / Miren Onaindia

Lake Garda lemon houses (Italy): Opportunities of a sensitive, marginal area in urban planning
Barbara Badiani / Stefano Barontini / Barbara Bettoni / Sara Bonati / Marco Peli / Antonella Pietta / Barbara Scala / Marco Tononi / Nicola Vitale

Changes in forest landscape due to agricultural activities and their influence on natural ecosystems: the eastern Galician mountains
I.J. Diaz-Maroto / M.C. Diaz-Maroto

Enjoy reading!