10-15 July 2023, the IALE 2023 World Congress, Nairobi, Kenia. Theme: “Transboundary Resource Management, Climate Change and Environmental Resilience“.

06-10 November 2023, 4th LA ESP Conference in La Serena, Chile. Theme: “Sharing knowledge about ecosystem services and natural capital to build a sustainabe future”. I will host our traditional ECOSER workshop on publication in english and spanish. Call for abstracts is open until 15 of July, dont miss your chance to join us in La Serena!


10-15 October 2022, 4th ESP Europe Conference in Heraklion, Greece. Theme: “Ecosystem Services, empowering people and society in time of crisses.

5-9 July, 2022 IALE World Conference. Landscape ecology – making the future, learning from the past, Warsaw, Poland. Together with Jasper van Vliet we will host a session on urbanisation entitled: “U1. Landscape changes in times of urbanization: processes and projections.” With Christine Fürst we will host the session: “How to develop a “successful” environmental governance for the protection of biodiversity?”. We are happy to receive contributions on this fascinating topics.

7-9 July 2021, 3rd World Conference of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE2020) CITIES AS SOCIAL-ECOLOGICAL SYSTEMS. With Prof. Harald Zepp we will be hosting our IMECOGIP (BMBF project) sesssion “Ecosystem Services for strategic Green Infrastructure Planning in German and Chinese Cities.”

7-10 June 2020, 3rd ESP Europe Conference: Ecosystem Service Science, Policy and Practice in the face of Global Changes, Tartu Estonia. I will host my almost traditional workshop on scientific publishing: “O3 – The editor’s perspective: what to do and what to avoid as the author of a manuscript”, aimed at students and early carreer researchers. If you are attending ESP (presencial or online) I highly recomend you to attend this very pragmatic event.

8-9 April 2021, 2nd Ibero-American Congress in Landscape Studies, Sintra, Portugal. I was kindly invited by the organisers Dr Pedro Fidalgo and Dr Jose Fariña to give a keynote on Patagonian Landscapes.

25-27 Noviembre 2020, en Ciudad de Mexico se celebro la conferencia regional ESP  (online). Mi presentation se titulo: “¿Economizar la ecologia o ecologizar la economía? Valorando la contribución invisible de la naturaleza al bienestar humano a través de los servicios ecosistémicos”. Es una presentacion muy sencilla sobre los fundamentos de la ciencia de los servicios ecosistemicos. Tambien se llevo a cabo el taller sobre publicacion cientifica desde la perspectiva del editor, que conto con la presencia de mas de 40 jovenes investigadores de Latinoamerica.

14-18 September 2020, 1st International conference «Landscape Science and Landscape Ecology: Considering Responses to Global Challenges», Moscow, Russia (online). Lomonosov Moscow State University and IALE-Russia.

8-10 July 2020, Smart and sustainable cities conference, Moscow, Russia (online). I was kindly invited by the organisers to give a keynote on Urban Ecosystem Services research. I hosted the session S4 Assessment, modelling and mappings urban ecosystem services with my colleague Victor Matasov.

12-15 November 2019, XL Congreso Nacional y XXV Internacional de Geografía, Temuco, Región de La Araucanía, Temuco, Chile.

21-25 October 2019, ESP10th World Conference in Hannover, Germany. Theme: “10 years advancing ecosystem services science, policy and practice for a sustainable future”. We hosted 4 sessions: (1) Urban Ecosystems (B10a); (2) Ecosystem Services & Education; (3) ES guidelines and toolkits and; (4) a workshop on publication.

24-26 April, 2019 fourth Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Programme (GLP 4th OSM 2019): Transforming Land Systems for People and Nature, Bern, Switzerland.

1-5 July, 2019 10th IALE World Conference  Nature and society facing the Anthropocene: challenges and perspectives for landscape ecology, Milan, Italy. Together with Steward Pickett we hosted a great session on urbanisation, concepts, methods and indicators (SYMP 58). We had eight excellent speakers discussing about the conceptual and methodological challenges of urbanisation in the XXI century.

21-25 October 2019 10th ESP World Conference 10 years advancing ecosystem services science, policy and practice for a sustainable future, Hanover, Germany. We will be hosting the B10 Sessions on Urban Ecosystem Services.

25 – 27 November 2018 Urban Transitions 2018 – Integrating urban and transport planning, environment and health for healthier urban living.  Sitges, Barcelona Spain.

11-15 October 2018 ESP European conference, San Sebastian, Spain. The 2018 European regional conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) will focus on “Ecosystem services in a changing world: moving from theory to practice”. Session T18b on peri-urban landscapes.

10-14 September 2018 48th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  In times of changing conditions, ecological research is facing new challenges. On the one hand, complexity of the biosphere is increasingly reduced by human activities; on the other hand, human activities aggravate predictability of future developments. This poses new necessities for assessing ecological conditions and for discovering new ecological interrelations, which is reflected by our motto of this year, “Ecology – meeting the scientific challenges of a complex world”.

9-13 July 2018 The 25th IAPS 2018 Conference, Rome, Italy. “Transitions to sustainability, lifestyles changes and human well-being: cultural, environmental and political challenges’. I was invited by my friend Dr Nadja Kabish to join an exciting symposium entitled: “Urban green spaces for sustainability transition to health and environmental justice in cities”. I presented an ongoing research on urban health in the Ruhr Area.

17 – 19 April 2018 REGIO RESOURCES 21-2018, Smolenice, Slovakia: Global megatrends and Landscape.  The aim of the conference is to develop creative discussion in the research of assessment of global megatrends and elimination of their negative consequences and impacts on the landscape and society.

11-15 December 2017 ESP world conference, Shenzhen, China. The 9th world conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) focused on the role of ecosystem services in ecosystem restoration and nature based solutions in natural, rural and urban areas. We had two interesting sessions: on urbanization and ecosystem services (B10a), and spatial planning and ecosystem services (T14). I presented two papers, one on indicators for cultural ecosystem services, and another one on the assessment of ecosystem services to analyze trade-offs in a protected area in Bangladesh.

24 – 27 September 2017 UFRO – Landscape Ecology conference 2017: The Green-Blue Nexus: Forests, Landscapes and Services. With my dear friends Christine Fuerst, Daniele Larosa and Marcin Spyra we organized a symposium entitled: Sustainable governance of urban landscapes in cross-boundaries contexts. I have also presented a research on green spaces and urban health in the Ruhr area.

12 – 15 September 2017 IALE European congress, Ghent: From pattern and process to people and action. The congress theme reflects that landscape ecology as a meeting point – where pattern and process meet people and action – seen as a way of thinking when dealing with European landscapes. I joined an interesting session on Strategic planning, organized by a very nice team of researchers: Simona Grădinaru, Anna Hersperger, Christian Albert and Cristian Iojă. My presentation was about Ecosystem services and landscape urbanization.

11 – 14 July 2017 AESOP 2017 LisbonSpaces of Dialog for places of dignity: Fostering the European dimension of planning. I had 2 oral presentations, one about metabolism and one on ecosystem services and urbanization.

26 – 30 January 2017 Size of the Society International workshop on linkages between material flows and stocks of socioeconomic metabolism.

4 – 6 May 2017 Resilient Cities 2017 – ICLEI, Bonn, Germany. 8th Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation – Resilient Cities is the global meeting point for the exchange of best practices in urban resilience and adaptation to climate change.

12 – 16 June 2017 World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering-Architecture-Urban Planning Symposium. This conference will take place in the beautiful city of Prague, Czechia. WMCAUS is “the meeting point for the Civil Engineers, Architects, City and Urban Planners, and a forum for discussion of the latest findings and technologies in different fields of the Civil Engineering, Architecture, City and Urban Planning.”  I am the chair of two sessions, one about Urban Planning and another one about Urban Heat Islands. Conference program.