CASES JOURNAL IS INVITING SUBMISSIONS! – Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems

The Journal Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems (CASES) offers an exclusive forum for R&D (a) on changes that impact the functioning of socio-ecological systems such as climate change or global change and (b) on measures, strategies and policies in tackling and adaption to current and future changes.

The focus is laid on inter- and transdisciplinary work oriented on solving questions and problems, but also theoretical papers and reviews that provide in-depth analysis and concise overview are welcome. Especially welcome are contributions communicating lessons learned from case studies, from the application of methods or the (further) development of methods including (a) monitoring and assessment of global, regional or local changes that impact sustainable resources provision and vulnerability of ecological-economic systems, (b) modeling and simulation of adaptation opportunities at local, regional and global scale including management measures, planning strategies or environmental policies, and (c) evaluation of adaptation measures, resilience, sustainability strategies, and policies.

The editorial team is excellent and very open minded, led by two strong scholars: Prof. Dr. habil Christine Fuerst, and As. prof. Dr Davide Geneletti.

As CASES Journal Editor, I would like to kindly invite you to consider CASES as a way to disseminate your research. The journal is Open Access, and currently, we have a waiver for the articles processing fees (no charge for authors).

If you have further questions about submission, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me at this email address. I will be happy to answer all your questions!


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