About me

luisinostroza I am a passionate researcher. Research for me is a way of life, a way to understand our place in a complex reality. It is also a way to express love and understanding of the things I care the most. My fundamental question is about the man in nature, the interlinked, entangled and dialectical relationship we have with nature. From this departure point, the question about urbanisation, as a fundamental planetary process, arises naturally. I am unveiling complex interconnections, metabolic relationships with informality, land use land cover change, urban heat islands, ecosystem services and other topics you will find on this website. My research approach is holistic, interdisciplinary. I see strong connections between those themes; everything is connected. My cross-cutting approach is spatially explicit, for what I integrate advanced quantitative analysis, remote sensing and GIS to understand the underlying processes giving rise to the particular spatial structure of socio-ecological systems and its links to ecological and economic functions, from local to global scales.    

I am Journal Editor of Change and Adaptation in Socio-ecological Systems (CASES) an emerging journal published by De Gruyter. We focus on all aspects of change to enhance cross-disciplinary research results, addressing scientists and practitioners in land/ecosystem management, land use / regional/spatial planning, environmental policies consulting and socio-cultural / socio-ecological system development. CASES is an open access journal, currently with a waiver for authors (publication free of cost!). We have one issue per year and articles are published online shortly after acceptance. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript or needing further clarifications, please feel free to contact me anytime.